2013 - Zlocieniec Forest Inspectorate Calendar released with my photos and few others, in which my works "Mystic World", "Magical Poland", "Mountain Lake", "Masurian Climates" were published.
2012 - Foto Kurier 12/2012 - Interview and the slideshow of awarded photos in Trierenberg Super Circuit 2012 (3 pages).
2012 - Publication of the photos in the November’s issue of the English magazine Practical Photoshop.
2012 - Publication in the annual edition of "Who's Who in Photography" summarizing competitions under the patronage of the Photographic Society of America in 2011.
2012 - Publication of photography and artistic biography in the Italian magazine "Gardenia".

2012- Under the project " POST PIERESTROJKI " ART TRIERENBERG issued a publication about the most significant trends in art photography of the former Eastern Bloc. The publication also includes a selection of the best works of art created by artists from these countries over the past 10 years. Among the selected works 11 of them are mine authorship.

2011 - A few of my photos in the book "Estetyka lasu" by Dariusz J. Gwiazdowicz and Jerzy Wisniewski.

2011 - Publication of the portfolio in the photo magazine Camerapixo.

2011 - The publication of a calendar with my photographs under the title " MAGICZNA POLSKA 2012".Visualization and sales available here.

2011 - Awarded works in the "International Garden Photographer of the Year 2011"in the British magazine "What Digital Camera".
2011 - The awarded photo in the "International Garden Photographer of the Year 2011"in the columns of the oldest photo magazine "Amateur Photographer".
2010 - Three pictures in limited edition calendar of " Foto - Kurier ".

2010 - Photographs in the 2011 calendar  .
2010 - Nine photos from Norway in traveler magazine "Globetrotter".

2010 - The awarded photo on the cover of the internationalphoto contest "7th Holland International Image Circuit 2010" catalog.

2010 - The awarded photo "Winter Contrasts" on the exhibition poster of international photography contest"7th Holland International Image Circuit 2010".

2010 – Picture in "Foto - Kurier" calendar.

2009 - Three pictures in a photo album " Polska jest niezwykła " - The secrets of Master photography workshop.

2009 – The premiere of the series of program  " Pomorskie Krajobrazy " presenting my photographic and cycling passions, emission in TVP Szczecin and TV Polonia.
2009 -  "Dziewicza Norwegia" - Interview of the month and photographic report in the August issue of Foto - Kurier magazine (7 pages).
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