The Author

Enjoying life and the world around me, I try to document the images that nature and man creates. They are usually fleeting, unrepeatable moments, which thanks to photography I keep in memory for longer time, realizing that every day is different and unique. The vast majority of my works come from my hometown, namely Drawsko Lake District. This beautiful part of our country is an excellent model, which I constantly trying to "spy", the more you get to know her secrets, the more gracious to me. I love hiking in the surrounding woods, with great joy and hope I greet the following seasons, recording the changes.

I am a local patriot and I have great satisfaction when my little homeland images are appreciated on different continents. Currently still looking for my creative identity, realizing wide spectrum visions from photography of nature, landscape to conceptual, creative and act.

I am a holder of the artistic titles of AFIAP International Federation of Photographic Art and the PPSA of Photographic Society of America, artist photographer of Polish Republic's Photoclub, Vice President of Fotoferia Club, member of Polish Nature Photographers' Union. I am the winner of over hundred international photography competitions, including Grand Prix Award and five gold medals in one of the largest photographic competitions in the world: "21.TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT 2012". My works have been repeatedly published in albums, magazines, calendars, domestic and foreign catalogs and participated in international post-contest exhibitions on six continents.

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